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I am starting my third year at the Technical University in Vienna. And coming here was one of the best decisions although it was not always easy. I am very thankful to my parents who have been encouraging me the whole time and helped me a lot with all the preparations.

I want to sum up my experience, information I had during my application, information I got during my stay there and some useful tips and links (usually in German, sometimes in English) for you. As brief as possible. I planed to write a Czech version as well, but it would be too much, so if you have some questions, write a comment or an email. I'll do my best to help you. :)

I hope it will help you as it would have helped me, when I was seeking for all the important information, feeling completely lost.

Karlskirche at Karlsplatz in the 4. district, next to the TU

Before I applied

I learned German at school and did school leaving exam from German language, but it doesn't mean, that you shouldn't go, if you don't speak the language. I met many people who came without any or very little knowledge of German and learned it in one semester or year enough, to start the university. So nothing is impossible  :)

Here are links to the official language knowledge required by the universities:
University of Vienna


The deadline for the winter semester is usually in the middle of May. In Austria you can start your studies also in the summer semester. There are some open-door days and events at the universities, but to find it out is not easy, I was just very lucky. On some universities you need to have a language certificate. At the TU it was much easier for me, because they accept all German school leaving exams from other EU countries and I needn't to do any special exam. Just an application letter and an interview. Check the websites of the universities - links below.

TU (Technical University)

The application exams are usually not hard, the aim is, that you show, you are really interested. The first year is deciding because of STEOP. They try to give everyone the chance to study or to try it at least.
The courses and fields of study offered by the TU. The application fee is usually 50€.
This university is situated in the 4th district not far away from the city center, on a main subway crossing - Karlsplatz.

" I like that the courses are not crowded and the other students and professors are friendly and willing to help you. I don't feel the rivalry here. I have the feeling that you are a person for them, not just a number in a database. There are many things possible when you write an email or ask."

WU (Wirtschftsuniversität) 

"I applied for WU as well (backup plan). The exam was from maths, English and some questions from a given text. It was really interesting experience for me. There were so many people, omg, my cloakroom number was 3482 or something like that and I was in the middle of this queue. Then there was a security check, more strict than at the airport, men and women separately, only pen and calculator was allowed. The staff was going through this huge expo hall on scooters because it was too big to walk. Haha, really nice experience."

The oldest from the Viennese universities, offers wide range of courses. The main building with the beautiful library is situated in the city center but many buildings and institutes are all around the city.

Tuition fees

Basically, if you are an EU citizen, you don't have to pay any. You just have to pay around 20€ a semester for the national student's association. It's called ÖH Beitrag. For other citizens, it's around 370€ per semester.

Housing in Vienna

Student dorms

For me it was the easiest way. I didn't know anything about other possibilities and I wanted be sure, that I will have a place to sleep when I come in September. I applied in January, actually few months before I applied for the university. But I got a message from them first in May.
You fill in an online form.

If you are too late or in hurry - calling the office works much better than writing an email. 
Here are some organizations offering dorm rooms.

Shared flat

Look at this page. I don't have much experience with shared flats, but usually it's better when you are a couple searching for one room, because you have to pay per room/square meter and not per person like in the dorms.

The view from the tower of Stephansdom in the city centre

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