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There are many option. So many, that I still haven't tried them all during the last three years. The first months after I have moved here were accompanied by the feeling, that I am only a tourist being here for a short time and I simply wanted to try, see and visit everything.

Events for free

In the warm seasons there are many open air concerts in the Museumsquartier. Some of them very huge. For example the concert of Vienna Philharmonic at the end of June. I will never forget the atmosphere, sitting on a picknick blanket with friends, drinking beer, listening to great music.
There are also many event during summer and at the beginning of the semester (September, October). The concert of Dunkelbunt was one of the best I have ever visited. Although the weather was cold, many people came and in a short time, almost everyone was dancing and singing with the band. BartolomeyBittman concert in the picture.

There are much more events, just look/follow at the FB Page of MQ.
If you like art, you could be interested in the collections in Albertina. The normal entrance fee is about 10€ but if you go there when a new exhibition is opened, it's for free, usually in the evening, on a workday. I really like the atmosphere of these exhibitions with many hipsters, art students taking notes, and other crazy dressed people.

If you like modern art, visit Mumok. This gallery is also situated in the Museumsquartier, that one building which reminds me of rock or stone. I am not a big fan of modern art and I was a bit sceptical about visiting this museum, but I was really impressed by the architecture of this building and many of the displayed objects. The exhibition openings are for free as well.

In the Leopold Museum you can find some of Klimt and Schiele works. The building is also very interesting. Very light, with marble stone and part of floor made of glass. In the top floor you'll find a window with a great Vienna view.

Kunsthalle Wien was a bit too modern for me, but I liked the "paintings" on metals made by chemical reactions (in the picture below). The student's entrance is really student-friendly - 2€.

The Wien Museum offers free entrance on the first Sunday each month. The exhibition shows the history of Vienna from the building of the Stephansdom to the modern times. I really liked the model of the city and the historical maps. The history and art here is nicely put together. Really recommend it, but come as early as possible, it uses to be crowded.

In all of this galleries it's allowed to take pictures.

Nature and Hiking

About the hiking routes and outdoor activities in the nearby I will write in the next post. Just a few to start with: there are Vienna City hiking routes. You can take one for just few hours or for the whole day, easy accessible by the public transport.

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