10 Impressions from θεσσαλονικη

Γεια σας!

1. Uneven pavements, with many holes, dirtier than I am used to. Cars parking everywhere, in rows, on the green part in the middle of big roads. And the waiting time at the traffic light is enormous, so everyone is going and riding on red. Just look if there's anything in your way and go. There are also many plants and palm trees. It reminds me a bit of Thailand, of course "European" and  without the poles and cables hanging in the height of my head.

2. Yaaay, cheap coffee everywhere! Everyone is drinking espresso with a foam with a straw. 
3. There are so many ancient buildings like roman palaces and churches on every step. Wow, and the entrance is really cheap (1 euro or sometimes free for students :) )

4. All the people I have met were very open and friendly. On the second day, when I went to Lidl, an old lady pointed on a cheese which was on the top of the shelf she couldn't reach, so I gave it to her. She started speaking in Greek to me. When she saw I had no idea what's going on, she asked if I can speak German. Yes! We talked for while and then she said, come over for a coffee! So we swapped our phone numbers. (I had to figure out how to save a new contact in Greek on her smartphone, because she knew only how to call) I was really excited to meet someone local. Will see. On Saturday.
5. Good food, omg. We met spontaneously with other Erasmus students and went to a Taverna, where we ordered many different dishes and shared them. It was amazing. Almost whole Europe at one table. And they even had a discount for students. More and more people were joining us, so at the end we had to attach more tables. Dinner was finished at 00.54. 

6. No heating in the flats, but I kinda expected it. (I took a pair woollen socks and warm sleeping bag with me).
7. The weather is simply great. (Except the first morning when I even couldn't find the sea, because of thick fog.) Much better than expected. It was 17°C yesterday. Blue sky, sunshine. Incomparable with Budapest or Vienna. I enjoy it a lot and still can't get used to it.

8. The Olympus Mountain is visible prom the seaside. (In the picture above)

9. My university campus is small. Just one building. Still, I needed almost one hour to find the incoming student's office, because everything is written in Greek only. The alphabet is not unfamiliar to me, thanks to all the Maths and Physics! It is supposed to start on Monday, and I didn't get ANY information yet. Haha, let's see.

10. The people are wearing much more colours than I'm used from Vienna. And more accessories, and more shiny stuff and no scarves (quite logical, yep) I was to only one wearing huge scarf so far. 

I felt in love with this place, and there is the 14. February soon, the Bulgarian wine day!

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  1. Ja mám taký pocit, že ľudia v zahraničí sú vždy milší a viac sa usmievajú oproti Slovákom a Čechom. Je to podľa mňa niečo čo by sme si od nich mohli prebrať :)
    A to počasie ti v dobrom závidím. Tiež by som už prijala niečo teplejšie :D