Military areas & fluffy dogs


I was a bit worried, to find only people who are gonna party. Luckily, there are many great people, who enjoy hiking as I do, so we organized a trip right on the first free day. #Friyay!
And our plan sounded as following: "You see that mountain? I forgot the name, it starts with CH. We go there." 

We arrived by bus and started in the only direction which seemed to be logical. Up!
There were so many (angry) dogs almost behind every fence, sometimes even without fence. So we adjusted our direction always to the way with less dogs.

We walked upwards, then discovered some rests of snow and icicles. There was a yellow sign, with something looking important, but in Greek. We ignored it happily and walked upwards the hill.

But then another, even more important sign stopped us. We couldn't pretend, we didn't understand it anymore.

Two dogs started following us. We continued walking on muddy track, but better holding a wooden stick, afraid of what are they gonna do. Not a nice feeling at all.

After a while, we saw a car parking and two other hikers changing their shoes, who started cuddling with the dogs, asking if they belong to us. First at this point I dared to touch the fluffy dogs.

"Our" dogs accompanied us on the first smaller peak, where we wanted to eat a lung. It didn't work well.
I can't remember when we lost them. Feeling sure, that app will take us back home, we starting picking completely random tracks in the woods.

The whole day was a lucky day, because we even didn't have to wait a minute for the bus. And then organized a dinner in taverna.

I regret only one thing - being so stupid and not paying attention to the way and walking directly into a bollard, hitting my knee and shin.

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