Time for Budapest

5. - 6.2.2018

Time to move on. Another city, country and meeting with one of my besties. I couldn't sleep the whole night. I woke up every hour, frightened, that  had overslept. And I really did at the end, but it was not that bad. I still had enough time to catch the train.

The sweet smell of popcorn on the train station once again. I went back to Brno and then to Budapest. It was a very view from the train window, nice weather, freezing and sunny. I think it was in Nove Zamky, when a man asked if there was a free place. I suppose he asked that, because then I realized he was speaking mixing Slovak and Hungarian.
  • I like speaking to strangers on trains. They come and go, sometimes they tell you about their lives, travels and give you advice or tip where to go or which book is nice. Just to sum it up:
  • Learning Hungarian is easy and I should do it in Budapest.
  • He was working in Ireland and we agreed that living and working abroad is better than in our countries. At least for some time.
  • I should visit Dublin.
  • He offered me some really good homemade cakes and before he get out of the train in Štúrovo he gave me some more of those.
The train was two hours late, so I came perfectly on time to meet Zs. in Budapest. I usually don't go to Starbucks (expensive), but when I do, I try to come up with some fancy combination (like coconut caramel mocca). And I have to add, that they wrote my name 100% correctly.

Afterwards I started my walking tour with all my backpacks again. I like making people smile. And it was at least workout.

Sunset at the Danube with the city centre view was nice. I was freezing, and had to wait for my host until 9 pm, sitting in McCafe drinking hot chocolate and reading a book. It felt great having literally nothing to do, it's not a familiar feeling to me, at least since I started Uni. :)
He was friendly, talkative, having comfortable couch/bed and good music taste. And gave me a map and many tips what to do on the next day.

The next day I was freezing as well, but without heavy backpack. It was snowing and even colder then yesterday. Cafe Frei was my first stop, with coffee with cloves, cinnamon and cocoa. Reading the Vagabonding from Rolf Potts to get even more inspired.

I like having 24h ticket for the public transport, I took completely random buses and trams and waited for a surprise. I also took a free walking tour which wasn't actually free. Just to know. It was fun but not worth the 8 euro they wanted to have for it in the end.

Next stop was the castle and where I luckily found a plug, so I sat down on window sill and waited for my phone to charge. I spent the rest of the evening in the rooftop pool in Rudas spa, enjoying the view and trying to tell the languages I heard all around.

In the evening my host offered me some palinka, to cure my cold. The biggest problem - to decide which one, because he had 6 different kinds. 

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