What I like about Thessaloniki

I enjoyed every day I spent here a lot. So much impressions in few days, that it would be enough to fill two weeks. :)

- Friendly people, smiling, talkative, no one looking mean at you when stay sitting in a café or taverna bit longer, simply no problem.
- Coffee, especially cappuccino freddo, with a ton of cinnamon. And the coffee making equipment of the kitchen in our flat. 
- Crossing the streets is always adventure (and fun), and you don't have to walk to the next zebra crossing. Sometimes you wait a bit in the middle of the street and then continue. :)
- Almost nothing is too far away. I walk here a lot and enjoy it a lot. 
- The food in the cafeteria. A starter, main course, salad, desert and bread. It seems to me "luxurious" having so many dishes. And a nice playlist.

Abandoned chair in the mountains near to Thessaloniki

- SEA. The feeling of sitting on the shore, in sun, with coffee and friends. 
- Taverns and the way people order. Full table of smaller dishes, bread, vegetables, cheese and everyone takes. Sometimes even with live traditional music.
- The professors attitude. I met one professor on the hallway in the university, he clapped on my shoulder and was like hi, nice to see you, have a great day. The first time since starting university, I have the feeling I have the study stuff under control.
- Our very musical neighbours. Someone is playing guitar, piano and even saxophone. Also after midnight, but I am ok with it, as long as they don't perform too modern pieces. I really enjoy listening to music while falling a sleep. Without caring about waking up with headphones tied around my neck in the morning :D
- SUN and sunglasses, winters and indoors and nights... looks cool
- Orange trees in the streets. 
- That one Falafel bistro, where they put mint and a lot of tahini inside.
- Chocolate tahini. Much better than Nutella.
- That my room has a balcony. I can't wait for the first coffee there. 
- There are some dogs going alone, but very disciplined while crossing the streets. Not looking dangerous at all.
- Mountains all around. I am looking forward to the next hike.

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