Hiking in Greece: Edessa, Kavala

Now I am first realizing, what a good choice Greece was. I think I was just lucky, because I only thought about having sea in my Erasmus destination. But mountains and sea, that's amazing. I was also lucky to find a group of people, who love hiking as I do.
In Greece, hiking is not a thing. Usually someone stops us, when we're starting from some village to the hills, and asks, where we go. And when we say, to the mountains, they look weird and ask why?

First idea was to write about each trip here, as I wrote about mount Chortiatis here, but since I already did many hiking trips, I will write about hiking here more in general.

I could find only few marked trails, so basically, what you have to do, is to look at the map and pick some mountain, which is high and challenging enough. Then zoom in and check if there is any path, probably, there is. 


We wanted to visit the hot springs in Loutra Pozar and waterfall in Edessa. That was our first experience with renting a car here. The traffic was crazy. But we felt soon Greek enough to manage. The traffic lights here have different waiting and switching times. All people go on orange and even in the beginning of red here. Pedestrians cross everywhere. People park in the second row, just leaving their phone number behind the front window, so the other driver who are blocked can call them.

I always enjoy being the navigator, siting next to the driver with a map. We had many nice views from the car. Blooming cherry trees and mountains. 

Is surprised me, that the pools where smaller then expected, but still, very beautiful, with the river, waterfalls and mountains in the backg
round. We decided to go hiking first and take a bath afterwards.

As usual, we were the only people hiking. It was a bit challenging since I hurt my shin the day before, while not looking on the way and hitting one of the metal things, which prevent cars to park on the sidewalk. Oh, but the view. We event met a goat there.

Our lunch spot.
Sitting in the hot springs felt much more deserved after coming back down from the mountain. I could stay day till the end of the day, but we wanted to visit Edessa waterfall as well.

While we were driving through some villages, a pack of 8 stray dogs started to bark and run around our car, so we moving forwards very slowly, being shocked, what's happening. So unfortunately no one made a video.
Edessa Waterfall

We took the opposite direction the next time - to the east. I also got some "kuluri" for snack on the way. My favourite Greek pastry - sesame rings. (I prefer those with raisins inside.)

The weather was changing each 10 minutes, fog, that we didn't see anything and sunshine with blue sky. Although there was a marked hiking route, we were the only hikers there, we met only one older lady and a cat.
Thassos Island in the background. Next time.

The route was following old water supply system with many stone bridges.  And holes in the path. The hike was nice until we saw a wild pig. Ok, we though, it was a wild, but then we spotted some traces of human impacts - some shepherd dogs accompanied the pigs, but who knows, maybe just befriended stray dogs. Well, we saw, that there were some cute piglets. We didn't want to risk any problems in the middle of nowhere. We enjoyed the view and then went back. 

We wanted to visit the castle in Kavala, but unfortunately, we came 15 minutes too late. Then we went to see the excavation site near to Philippi. What a surprise. Closed again! At least we were making a lot of fun of our stupidity when not checking the opening hours.

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  1. OMG! Proč jsem si pro pána jána nevybrala Řecko? :D Jsem právě na Erasmu v Irsku a musím naprosto pochválit článek & krásné fotografie.

    Keep going girl! ☀️