Litóchoro hitchhiking adventure

Another weekend, another adventure. We had a breakfast together with E. so that we could plan and change our minds again, where to hitchhike tomorrow. In the end, Litóchoro won. It was near to the highway heading to Athens, not far from Katerini, a bigger city, with higher chances to stop some car.

The bakery was our meeting point, then we bought some "kouluri" first. There is no trip without "kouluri". Next point was getting to the main bus station. There was a big road and a roundabout, cars were slowing down, so we tried our luck. But just in between we were taking our signs out, a car went into the wrong lane, in the opposite direction and blocked the whole traffic. No one stopped for us, but at least, there was something interesting to watch. This driver didn't continue to make a turn and get to his lane, he started going backwards at the roundabout. Too crazy even for Greece.
After about 20 minutes we got picked up, by a pickup. Only one place in front, but sitting in the back of the car would be too dangerous on the highway. So we fitted inside. Somehow. And started our first real Greek conversation. Finally, I got more motivation to learn Greek.

The guy was not going to Katerini, and he dropped us off on the toll station at the highway. So we started from there again. A car stopped, so we ran to talk to the driver. Unfortunately, he didn't stop for us, but his child. I just took out the kuluri and wanted to start eating, when another car stopped, this time for us. To Katerini. A nice traditional music was playing. 

We had a short walk around the city centre, found a toilet, bought more "kouluri" and had very nice vegan hazelnut ice cream for lunch. One of the things, I wished to do as a child.

We decided not to go back to the highway and take to smaller road through other villages instead. Again, many people smiling, waving and even one car stopped, to give us advice, where to go.

We had a very adventurous ride to Litóchoro. We walked through the city, heading to the path, which was going on the nearest mountain. Golna 1033m, with a beautiful view on Mount Olympus.

We even met 4 Greek people hiking, which is a lot, since hiking is not very popular among most of the people I have been speaking with. Last time, when we made a break in a café on our way back home, the owner couldn't understand, why did we go to that village, when we don't have relatives there.

We set off late on our journey back. Almost no cars around, no people, but a beautiful sunset. Just us next to the bus stop, holding the sign. But then, finally, a car stopped. An older couple, who wanted us to take the bus from Katerini. Well. We went to the bus station and missed that bus, while walking to the next hitchhiking-friendly crossing.

It turned out, not to be that hitchhiking-friendly as expected, because the cars were splitting in two directions and it was getting dark. And then we were picked up by a Greek-Polish couple with their children. They had almost full car, but they took us anyway and told their hitchhiking story from their student times on Erasmus in Bulgaria. The way passed quickly and soon we were at Makedonia bus station. A nice trip. Again. And ice cream on the way home.

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